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HCI applies renewable energies

The Hechler Consultations Inc. (HCI) had been founded in Seeheim-Jugenheim near Frankfurt, Germany. The integrated service of business consulting, engineering consulting and administration consulting is a key issue of HCI.

HCI applies renewable energies for European companies in Canada and for Canadian companies in Europe. German companies in this market sector provide state of the art products and services in the market of renewable energies.

HCI is contracted with KIG Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, an engineering consultancy providing biogas plant application, solar energy application and water treatment application.

More than 4,000 biogas plants are installed in Germany. More than 25 MW photovoltaic systems are installed. These references demonstrate leadership in the world market. HCI supports its customer in sales and marketing of their products in all market sectors, where biogas, treated water or solar power is required.

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Hechler Consultations Inc.

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